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GATE questions on slider-crack mechanism


Question #1

A slider crank mechanism is shown in the figure. At some instant, the crank angle is 45 o and a force of 40 N is acting towards the left on the slider. The length of the crank is 30 mm and the connecting rod is 70 mm. Ignoring the effect of gravity, friction and inertial forces, the magnitude of the crankshaft torque (in Nm) needed
to keep the mechanism in equilibrium is _________ (correct to two decimal places).

[GATE 2018 S1, 2 marks]

Question #2

For an inline slider-crank mechanism, the lengths of the crank and connecting rod are 3m and 4m, respectively. At the instant when the connecting rod is perpendicular to the crank, if the velocity of the slider is 1m/s, the magnitude of angular velocity (upto 3 decimal points accuracy) of the crank is _________ radian/s

[GATE 2017 S1, 2 marks]

Question #3

In a slider-crank mechanism, the lengths of the crank and the connecting rod are 100mm and 160mm, respectively. The crank is rotating with an angular velocity of 10 radian/s counter- clockwise. The magnitude of linear velocity (in m/s) of the piston at the instant corresponding to the configuration shown in the figure is

[GATE 2017 S2, 1 mark]

Question #4

A slider crank mechanism with crank radius 200 mm and connecting rod length 800 mm is shown. The crank is rotating at 600 rpm in the counterclockwise direction. In the configuration shown, the crank makes an angle of 90 o with the sliding direction of the slider, and a force of 5 kN is acting on the slider. Neglecting the inertia forces, the turning moment on the crank (in kN-m) is __________

[GATE 2016 S1, 2 marks]

Question #5

A slider-crank mechanism with crank radius 60 mm and connecting rod length 240 mm is shown in figure. The crank is rotating with a uniform angular speed of 10 rad/s, counter clockwise. For the given configuration, the speed (in m/s) of the slider

[GATE 2014 S3, 2 marks]

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