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Balancing and Governors | Theory of Machines | GATE MCQs(Solved)

GATE ME Solved Questions on Balancing and Governors(Theory of Machines)


Question #1

Three masses are connected to a rotating shaft supported on bearings A and B as shown in the figure. The system is in a space where the gravitational effect is absent. Neglect the mass of shaft and rods connecting the masses. For m1 = 10kg, m2 = 5kg and m3 = 2.5 kg and for a shaft angular speed of 1000 radian/s, the magnitude of the bearing reaction (in N) at location B is _________.

GATE ME TOM question

[GATE 2017 S2, 2 marks]

Question #2

Two masses m are attached to opposite sides of a rigid rotating shaft in the vertical plane. Another pair of equal masses m1 is attached to the opposite sides of the shaft in the vertical plane as shown in figure. Consider m = 1 kg, e = 50 mm, e1 = 20 mm, b = 0.3 m, a = 2 m and a1 = 2.5 m. For the system to be dynamically balanced, m1 should be ________ kg.

GATE ME balancing question

[GATE 2016 S3, 2 marks]

Question #3

A rotating disc of 1 m diameter has two eccentric masses of 0.5 kg each at radii of 50 mm and 60 mm at angular positions of 0° and 150°, respectively. A balancing mass of 0.1 kg is to be used to balance the rotor. What is the radial position of the balancing mass?

(a) 50 mm

(b) 120 mm

(c) 150 mm

(d) 280 mm

[GATE 2005, 2 marks]

Question #4

A car is moving on a curved horizontal road of radius 100 m with a speed of 20 m/s. The rotating masses of the engine have an angular speed of 100 rad/s in clockwise direction when viewed from the front of the car. The combined moment of inertia of the rotating masses is 10 kg-m2. The magnitude of the gyroscopic moment (in N-m) is __________

[GATE 2016 S1, 1 mark]


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