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GATE ME solved Questions on Bending stress (Strength of Materials)

Question #1

Consider a beam with circular cross-section of diameter d. The ratio of the second moment of area about the neutral axis to the section modulus of the area is.

(A) $d/2$

(B) $\pi d/2$

(C) $d$

(D) $\pi d$

[GATE 2017 Set 1, 1 mark]

Question #2

The cross-sections of two solid bars made of the same material are shown in the figure. The square cross-section has flexural (bending) rigidity I1, while the circular cross-section has flexural rigidity I2. Both sections have the same cross-sectional area. The ratio I1/I2 is

GATE solved question on bending(SOM)

(A) $\frac{1}{\pi }$

(B) $\frac{2}{\pi }$

(A) $\frac{\pi }{6}$

(D) $\frac{\pi }{3}$

[GATE 2016 Set 3, 1 mark]

Question #3

A simply-supported beam of length 3L is subjected to the loading shown in the figure.

solved gate question 2014

It is given that P = 1 N, L = 1 m and Young’s modulus E = 200 GPa. The cross-section is a square with dimension 10 mm × 10 mm. The bending stress (in Pa) at the point A located at the top surface of the beam at a distance of 1.5L from the left end is _____________

(Indicate compressive stress by a negative sign and tensile stress by a positive sign.)

[GATE 2016 Set 1, 2 marks]

Question #4

For the component loaded with a force F as shown in the figure, the axial stress at the corner point P is

(A) $\frac{F(3L-b)}{4b^3}$

(B) $\frac{F(3L+b)}{4b^3}$

(A) $\frac{F(3L-4b)}{4b^3}$

(A) $\frac{F(3L-2b)}{4b^3}$

[GATE 2008, 2 marks]

A simply supported beam of span length 6m and 75 mm diameter carries a udl of 1.5 kN

Question #5

What is the maximum value of bending moment?

(a) 9k N-m

(b) 6.75 kN-m

(c) 81 kN-m

(d) 125 kN-m

[GATE 2006, 2 marks]

Question #6

What is the maximum value of bending stress?

(a) 162.98 Mpa

(b) 325.95 Mpa

(c) 625.95 MPa

(d) 651.90 MPa

[GATE 2006, 2 marks]

A massless beam has a loading pattern as shown in the figure. The beam is of rectangular cross section with a width of 30mm and height of 100 mm.

GATE SOM question

Question #7

The maximum bending moment occurs at a location

(A) Location B

(B) 2675 mm to the right of A

(C)2500 mm to the right of A

(D)3225 mm to the right of A

[GATE 2005, 2 marks]

Question #8

The maximum magnitude of bending stress (in MPa) is given by

(A) 60.0

(B) 67.5

(C) 200.0

(D) 225.0

[GATE 2005, 2 marks]


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